Directores médicos

Michael Devlin, M.D.

Michael Devlin is HRI’s Medical Director for Psychiatry and performs psychological evaluations for clients seeking asylum. He is Professor of Psychiatry at CUIMC and staff member at the Eating Disorders Research Unit at New York State Psychiatric Institute. He also teaches medical students in foundations of clinical medicine, including humanism, communication, and patient-provider relationship, and he is active in inter-professional education. Favorite activities outside of medicine include taking advantage of NYC’s music and theater offerings, reading, and learning to play the banjo. 

Mary Jo Fink, M.D.

Mary Jo Fink is HRI’s Medical Director for Medicine and performs medical evaluations for clients seeking asylum. She is a Special Lecturer in the Center for Family and Community Medicine where she has teaches. Her particular focus is the clinical method, including clinical observation and examination, information synthesis and team communication. At the bi-annual training session for students, physicians and allied professionals, she presents the lecture on specific aspects of the physical examination and affidavit documentation for asylum applicants.

Codirectores clínicos

Gillian Wright

Gillian grew in Northern Virginia and went to the University of Michigan, where she studied biochemistry and sociology. While living in Michigan she got involved working with asylum seekers in Detroit and felt compelled to continue supporting asylum seekers however possible. She loves children and families and hopes to become a primary care pediatrician and to become a medico-legal evaluator once licensed. In her free time she loves running, reading, being outside, and spending time with friends and family.

Hart Fogel

Hart grew up in Mill Valley, California just across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. He graduated from Harvard University in 2020 with a concentration in Neuroscience (Mind, Brain and Behavior track), a secondary in History and a language citation in German. A passion for social justice has always run parallel to his interest in medicine; among other volunteer efforts within the realms of criminal justice reform and civil rights, Hart works with the Marin County Youth Court, a restorative justice-based program that diverts young offenders from the traditional juvenile justice system and seeks to disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline. He is also serving as the Ethics Representative for the Class of 2024. Once in-person activities are possible again, Hart looks forward to taking out his trombone and playing music with classmates.

Coordinadores de casos

Liza Lavrova

Liza was born in Izhevsk, Russia, and after the age of nine she grew up in central Connecticut. She attended Williams College, where she studied Chemistry and French. After graduating in 2018, she went on to work for two years as a research technician at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, MA. While in Boston, she volunteered with FriendshipWorks, an organization that links volunteers with local elders in need of social support. Visiting and supporting an elderly Russian-speaking gentleman shaped her understanding of how barriers like language, social isolation, and vision impairment can impact daily life and interaction with healthcare. When the weather is nice, Liza loves to spend time outside, and otherwise she greatly enjoys reading and dabbling in creative writing in her free time.

Karl Reis

Karl grew up on the island of Oahu in Hawaii and later attended Cornell University, where he graduated in 2018 with a degree in Biology and Global Health. As a part of that degree, he spent a summer in Lusaka, Zambia researching the public health effects of the Zambian copper mining industry. This experience instilled in Karl a passion for health issues that go beyond borders and impact the world’s most vulnerable populations and he thus returned to Sub-Saharan Africa after graduating from Cornell University, this time to Mwanza, Tanzania, to spend two years doing HIV research. Karl is excited to continue pursuing his interest in the health impacts of global inequity at the Columbia Human Rights Initiative. Other than that, Karl is looking forward to finding some new, NYC-friendly hobbies and is open to any and all recommendations!

Liam Stanton

Liam is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area but grew up in Singapore, returning to the U.S. for college at the University of Pennsylvania. Having grown up in an international setting, he values the strengths of multicultural communities and hopes to use his position in the medical field to promote culturally-responsive care. His medical interests focus on gene and cell-based therapies, particularly in the field of transplant tolerance. Outside of academics, he enjoys watching films, playing the trombone, and cooking anything on the BBQ.

Marissa Caldwell

Marissa grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and graduated from Wellesley College with a degree in economics. After graduation, she staffed a local Bay Area initiative aimed at lowering food insecurity and addressing social determinants of health. Her experience working with individuals from several fields, ranging from politicians to farmers, helped her realize the importance of cross-disciplinary cooperation in advancing the wellbeing of individuals and communities, and is just one of the reasons Marissa is excited to be a part of CHRIA. In her spare time, Marissa enjoys hiking, cooking, and watching Selling Sunset.

Coordinadora de capacitación y educación

Emily Gordon

Emily is from Park City, Utah. She graduated from Harvard College in May 2020. During college, she studied the history of science and medicine and focused on the history of disability activism and medicine. She was drawn to medicine because of her rewarding experiences volunteering at community clinics for individuals without health insurance. She has been very involved in medical humanities programming and loves to paint and write. In her spare time, Emily enjoys riding horses, baking, reading, and checking her horoscope.

Coordinador de investigación

Jackson Roberts

Jackson grew up in Kansas City, Missouri, before attending Washington and Lee University, from which he graduated in 2019 after studying neuroscience and anthropology, as well as minoring in poverty and human capability studies. As an undergraduate, Jackson focused on medical anthropological and health disparities topics relating to indigenous groups in Latin America, predominately the Andean region. He spent multiple summers as an intern in Latin America, where he developed his perspectives on social determinants of health as they relate to culture and history among indigenous communities. Through this work, he also developed an interest in how migration impacts cultural understandings of self and engagement with the medical system. In the year prior to enrolling at VP&S, Jackson worked as a data analyst for an Alzheimer’s disease research group at the National Institutes of Health, where he developed stronger methodological and quantitative skills he aims to employ as the Asylum Clinic Research Coordinator. In his free time, Jackson loves to hike, snowboard, enjoy coffee, attempt to cook, and take in live music.

Coordinador de campañas

Srini Cherukuri

Srini currently lives in Chicago, but is originally from Wisconsin. He attended Brown, majoring in physics, and graduated in 2020. As a continuation of undergrad, he plans on pursuing a medical specialty with a good amount of physical science/technology. He is a pretty avid runner and enjoys occasional rock climbing!

Coordinador de comunicación

Kevin Wang

Kevin grew in Taipei, Taiwan and graduated from Cornell University in 2019, with a major in Human Biology, Health, and Society, and a minor in Inequality Studies. During college, he was heavily involved in service-learning initiatives, leading student projects with various community agencies in New York and other locations. Kevin also volunteered at Bellevue Hospital’s Emergency Department and Program for Survivors of Torture, which cemented his interest in and commitment to health equity and social justice work through medicine, with hopes of working with underserved and immigrant communities, bringing him to CHRIA today. In his free time, Kevin enjoys reading, spending time with friends, and exploring New York.

Coordinador financiero

Shiv Shah

Shiv grew up in central Jersey as the proud son of two immigrants. As a first-generation American and college student, his own interest in healthcare began by witnessing and helping his non-English-speaking parents navigate the healthcare system. These experiences along with an exposure to cancer throughout his life taught him that the medical system needs both more personalized treatments and individualized care. In working towards the first goal, Shiv studied biomedical engineering at Boston University prior to continuing on to a PhD at Cornell University. He is now excited to work on the latter goal by helping asylum seekers through CHRIA. Moving forward, professionally, Shiv is interested in becoming an oncologist, designing more personalized treatments that modulate the immune system, and providing better medical care to immigrant communities. In his personal life, Shiv is a huge sports and NY sports fan (Yankees, Nets, Giants), a mediocre baker but better eater, and someone that stays active as best they can.

Coordinadoras de Atención Continua (CC) / IRAPH

Ashley Zhang

Ashley grew up in Troy, Michigan and graduated from the University of Michigan in 2020 with a degree in biomedical engineering and minors in creative writing and multidisciplinary design. In college, she was an Editorial Page Editor of the Michigan Daily and led an engineering team in designing a hypothermia therapy device for infants with neonatal asphyxia in underserved communities abroad. At VP&S, in addition to her roles in CHRIA, Ashley is involved with the Wellness Committee and the Cardiovascular Interest Group. In her free time, she enjoys baking, trying new coffee shops, and writing satirical Yelp reviews.

Madison Heath

Madison grew up in southern Louisiana. She attended Duke University for her undergraduate education, where she competed in the pole vault on the track and field team and majored in psychology. While at Duke, Madison volunteered with Supporting Women’s Action (SuWA) where she tutored refugee women in English and assisted some in preparing for the U.S. citizenship exam. After graduation, Madison volunteered with the Victim Intervention Program at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital while working in New York City for two years. Through this program, she advocated for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence during visits in the emergency department. Madison is excited to combine knowledge from her previous experiences with the expertise of an interdisciplinary team to help asylum seekers access care. In her spare time, Madison loves running outside, exploring NYC, and trying to cook.

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